Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Woman attacked on Yekaterinburg bus

A large man attacked a woman without provocation in front of her children on a Yekaterinburg bus on Wednesday.

According to the woman, the man appeared to be giving them a dirty look at the Communist bus stop, but she wrote off his look on her children's behavior. After the woman and her children boarded the bus, the man continued to act strangely. After the passengers were seated, the man walked up to the woman and hit her in the head with his fist, UralInformByuro reports.

The man began to scream the words, "I'm alive, I'm alive," and sat down without confrontation from any of the other passengers, according to the woman. Neither the passengers nor the bus driver took any measure to protect the woman. The man continued to wave his fists around during the journey and may have been left alone by the other passengers due to his massive size, according to UralInformByuro.

Alexander Serebrennikov, the deputy director of the ETTU, said that in most cases the conductor should have stopped the transport and evacuated the passengers. He said that if someone is shoved into a corner and attacked, however, an evacuation might not be effective. Serebrennikov said that all cases should be considered separately.

All 28 buses are equipped with five cameras each to assist in assessment of the driver and a better understanding of the incident, UralInformByuro reports.