Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ballet offers modern take on dance

The Yekaterinburg Ballet Company is using a change in setting to add a modern twist to a classic style of dance.

The company will put on one of its latest shows on the shop floor of a local self-propelled artillery piece assembling company. The skilled dancers will perform their routine surrounded by conveyor belts and humming machines, Interfax reports.

The show is part of the company's second biannual modern art event.

The company would typically perform at a theater such as the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater, which is one of the oldest opera theaters in all of Russia and is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary.

In May, Austin, Texas, was one of four stops for a small group of theatre artists and managers on a visit to explore American performance. Russians from Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Moscow/Perm and St. Petersburg visited Austin, New Orleans, San Francisco and Baltimore as part of a Center for International Theatre Development project, the Austin Chronicle reports.

The Russian artists viewed more than 120 hours of performances, sessions and rehearsals, meeting more than 18 different companies. The theatre practitioners were moved by the commitment American theatre shows to the spirit of the community.

"I was deeply overwhelmed by how much artists want to serve their society and how much the society embraces its artists," Natalya Druzhinina, the director of the Real Theater Festival in Yekaterinburg, said, according to the Austin Chronicle.