Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Students teach internet use to retirees

Students in a historic Yekaterinburg park taught a flash mob of retirees how to use the internet on Wednesday as part of an Offer Integrated Social Service Center program.

The program, which sported the motto "The Age of the Network is Not an Obstacle," was attended by more than 80 people. Volunteers included students from local schools, including Ural Federal University, reports.

The students helped the retirees with simple tasks, such as going to government agency websites, registering an email address and visiting a social service center.

Antonina Khramova, one of the retired participants, made her first ever appearance on the internet, sending emails to Israel and Holland. After learning the necessary skills in a technology-heavy world, Khramova spent more time than expected surfing the web.

"I was out there looking for a long time," Khramova said, according to

The unusual demonstration attracted grandfathers, grandmothers and young people willing to help the elderly in developing their internet skills. Additional sessions will be held for teaching older people how to become computer literate. The classes will be held in the KTSSON October district computer lab in groups of four. The sessions will start this week, according to