Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ural activists join nationwide March of Millions

Activists from the Urals have joined the nationwide March of Millions campaign, an approved rally in Yekaterinburg to demonstrate support for protest action in Moscow.

Yaroslav Shirshikov, the co-organizer of the event, said that as many as 1,000 people attended the Saturday rally at some point, exceeding the organizers' expectations. The police at the event, however, said that it did not attract more than 350 participants at any given time, Interfax reports.

The Ural activists marched for fair elections and the release of political prisoners. Shirshikov said there were several provocations with authorities.

A similar permitted rally in support of the March of Millions took place in Chelyabinsk near the Lenin Monument on Aloye Pole. Though the Chelyabinsk rally dealt with rain, none of the approximately 100 protestors left the event. The demonstrators demanded that certain federal authorities resign from office, including city officials and the Chelyabinsk regional governor. The rally also campaigned for the development of the city, the freezing of public utility tariffs and fair elections, according to Interfax.

Police did not interfere in what was declared a peaceful rally.

A similarly peaceful rally occurred in Tyumen to support the March of Millions. The demonstrators gathered on the square in front of the city's regional government building. Approximately 80 participants attended the event, according to the organizers.