Saturday, July 21, 2018

Debts could delay heating season

While the official heating season of Yekaterinburg usually starts on September 17, major debts to gas and heating suppliers could cause the heat to be delayed indefinitely.

The city of Yekaterinburg and 27 other municipalities in the Sverdlovsk region have been placed on the black list of non-payers, with the situation resulting in the huge debts to suppliers of fuel for boilers by government controlled utility provider Ekaterinburgenergo owed to Uralsevergaz holding no end in sight, New Region reports.

The debt now stands at approximately $16.1 million, with the last payment made on August 31. Additionally, there is no contract between Ekaterinburgenergo and Uralsevergaz for the winter, further complicating matters.

"Unfortunately, the debt repayment schedule that was presented to us (by) Ekaterinburgenergo for the summer, not executed, respectively, the threat at least delay the onset of GGS is now in full growth," Oleg Vlasov, a spokesman for Uralsevergaz, said, according to New Region. "The main reason (for the problem), of course, is that Ekaterinburgenergo does not pay...Moreover, despite the fact that before the start of the heating season is just a few days, we were no one goes to settle the intensity close to the critical situation. Uralsevergaz (is) ready to discuss solutions to the problem."

An estimated 100,000 residents will remain without heat and hot water when the heating season begins on Monday, New Region reports.