Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg demolishes illegal building

The city of Yekaterinburg has demolished an illegally constructed building on Botkin St. that held Chinese migrant workers and violated sanitary laws.

The house appeared normal, with a light blue coat of paint, a red roof, plastic windows, satellite dishes and video surveillance cameras. The issue arose from the building's plumbing - the water from the toilets drained into a huge cesspool in the garden. Neighboring private buildings suffered from the smell and neighbors were unable to drink their well water due to contamination, reports.

Additionally, the building violated laws for the construction of apartment building in the area of individual buildings and for exceeding occupancy requirements.

Ordzhonikidze district court ruled nearly two years ago that the building was illegal and demanded that it be demolished. The Chinese owners of the house claimed ignorance of the Russian language and attempted to hold up the matter as long as possible, according to

Half of the house was demolished on June 7 and the owners once again tried to delay the process. The residents continued to live in the house despite it being partly demolished.

This week, the house was completely demolished. The administration of Yekaterinburg plans to crack down on approximately 35 similar buildings in the city. With court rulings, all of the temporary illegal houses could be demolished.