Sunday, June 24, 2018

ESI Group opens Yekaterinburg office

ESI Group has opened an office in Yekaterinburg in order to satisfy growing business demands in the Russian market over the past decade.

ESI Group is a pioneer in world-leading solutions in virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries, 4-Traders reports.

ESI began distributing its software solutions in russia more than 10 years ago and has staff in the neighboring Czech Republic. Russia is one of the BRIC countries and provides ESI with major growth opportunities - BRIC countries accounted for 13 percent of sales in licenses for the first part of this year.

The company has a strong relationship with the Moscow Aviation Institute and the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. It also hopes to work with the energy, heavy machinery and automotive industries in Russia and has a strong focus on creating solutions in virtual manufacturing, including areas of casting, sheet metal forming, welding & heating treatment and composites engineering processes, according to 4-Traders.

In Russia, ESI currently works with PK Bezhicky Stateliteyny Zavod, PZ Mashinostroitel OAO, Irkutsk Aviation Plant, the Russian Academy of Sciences based in Yekaterinburg and other leading academic bodies, including the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, the Moscow State Technological University and the Perm State Technical University.

With its new offices in Russia, ESI will continue to support its existing customer base while also developing new opportunities in different sectors. The company's goal is to spur the development of proven solutions relevant to critical industrial challenges faced by innovative companies compelled to adopt numerical simulation and virtual engineering, in order to maximize their performance and global competitiveness, 4-Traders reports.