Monday, July 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg receives new facilities for oral surgeons and neurologists

Yekaterinburg's city clinical hospital number 40 opened a new maxillofacial surgical area this week, giving patients with maxillofacial pathologies the opportunity to visit additional doctors.

Maxillofacial and oral surgeons at the facility are now able to see five to six people a day with related ailments, reports.

"(We see and treat) benign tumors, post-traumatic conditions, inflammation, tumor-like disease," Helena Cumin, an oral surgeon at the facility, said, according to

The medical care in the new facility of the number 40 hospital promises fast and free service as a result of the country's compulsory health insurance. The department contains 10 beds for hospitalization in the male and female wards. Maxillofacial and oral surgeries are typically performed two or three times per day at the hospital.

City hospital number 23 also introduced a new facility this week, creating a neurological department meant to help people with brain disorders. The department contains approximately 1,600 square feet and the capacity for 30 beds.

The hospital required approximately $1.2 million of Yekaterinburg government funds to create the new department. The main task of the office is to return people who have suffered a stroke to return to normal living. The facility includes training equipment to rehabilitate patients after living for a long time in the supine position, reports.