Thursday, September 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg plans restoration of Lenin statue

The city of Yekaterinburg is planning to restore the monument to Vladimir Lenin on the 1905 square, according to the Archeological Research Center.

The exact date of the restoration has not yet been determined because the diocese of the church of Yekaterinburg and the ARC must work out an agreement. The square that contains the Lenin statue was once the main church of Yekaterinburg's cathedral. Conducting the restoration could potentially damage graves placed there in the 18th century, reports.

"Of course, the (Russian Orthodox Church) outraged many things that someone is there to file down the crosses, someone jumps in the temples, but they are also outraged that, in addition to these three graves in Yekaterinburg for the altar, there are dozens of other dumping him," Sergei Pogorelov, the deputy chief of the ARC, said, according to "Immediately on area to spend the holiday, there are dancing, there's music, the machine is, and the question they raise. And for the reconstruction of the monument supposedly allocated money. Given that the edge of the monument is actually on the edge, where the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Epiphany."

Pogorelov said that three formerly ruling bishops are buried in the square.

Archeologists in the area estimate that the restoration of the monument and the entire square will require approximately $128,000 in additional funding, according to