Monday, June 18, 2018

An-2 investigation continues

The criminal investigation into the An-2 aircraft that disappeared from a Serov airport in June continued this week with analysis of the fuel that may have been used in the aircraft.

Investigators used chemical and physical tests to examine fuel and oil tanks that were used at the Serov airport to refuel local aircraft. The investigators determined that the quality of the fuel likely had no negative impact on the airplane, reports.

"The importance of physical and chemical parameters on the quality of the examination of samples of fuel and oil are at the level of GOST R 51866-2002 and GOST 21743," the Ural SU transport TFR said, according to "As a part of the fuel and oil impurities, not peculiar to them, is not detected. In addition, the study of the fuel is determined that they could not have a negative impact on the operation of the engine of the aircraft during flight."

Investigators have also looked into an examination provided by an audio hobbyist from Nizhny Tagil. Valentin Degtereva provided authorities with phonoscopic audio that may have transmitted from the plane.

"In the study of sound files found no discriminating speech as word-level and phrase-level," the investigators said, according to

The plane took off on June 11 from the Serov airfield without permission. The plane, its pilot and its 12 passengers have not been seen or heard from since.