Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk engineers building unmanned aerial vehicles

Alexander Petrov, the deputy prime minister of the Sverdlovsk region, announced this week that Yekaterinburg engineers will produce unmanned aircrafts and demonstrate them in tests this fall.

The first drones produced in the Sverdlovsk region will be tested in October and November. Vadim Badejo, the director of the Yekaterinburg company responsible for the drones, said that using unmanned aerial vehicles can increase military efficiency while reducing costs, reports.

"I hope they will be successful, and in November of this year, armed forces will get the first unmanned aerial vehicle made in Russia," Badejo said, according to "To date, the cost of flight hours of helicopter equipment is (approximately $3,160), the cost of helicopter hours using unmanned aircraft is (approximately $158)."

Badejo said that his company has a goal of exhibiting the unmanned crafts in 2013 in conjunction with other military equipment.

The company entered into a state contract in 2011 to manufacture and supply the Ministry of Defense with unmanned aerial vehicles. Petrov stated that the crafts would be used for peaceful purposes, reports.

"Multifunctional device, it can be used for the exploration of fires, to assess the scope and size of a possible flood damage, the unit will detect a gas leak, energy can detect hot spots," Petrov said, according to "Thermal imaging equipment will assist in locating people. Even in night mode, you can identify people at a distance of 5.5 kilometers, it is easier to find the lost, instead of combing the woods (using) lots of volunteers."