Saturday, July 21, 2018

City of Yekaterinburg trades food benefits for cash

The Yekaterinburg Health Department plans to reform milk kitchens by altering the way it delivers benefits to young impoverished mothers.

Previously, mothers in need were given food such as yogurt and milk, but under the new plan, the food would be replaced by money. Some mothers are outraged that the city is placing the interests of large chain stores above the interests of low-income families, New Region reports.

"First, we all understand what monetization (means)," one mother said, according to New Region. "(Money) will be given to you...with the expectation of buying this many products. But the calculation is always made on the basis of the minimum amounts, and prices in the shops are far from the minimum. Besides, the prices go up every day, but the recalculation of benefits are unlikely to be doing all the time. Accordingly, it will be impossible to buy a number of products that we now get (at) milk kitchens."

Additionally, many disadvantaged families contain alcoholic or drug addicted parents. If the parents are given money instead of food, that money may not be spent on the products the children need, New Region reports.

A call to the deputy head of Yekaterinburg's health administration revealed that the official knew nothing about the upcoming potential reform.