Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg restaurant invites Catherine Deneuve to charity dinner

Paparazzi, a Yekaterinburg restaurant, will host a charity dinner on September 18 with legendary actress Catherine Deneuve the guest of honor.

The event sold 50 tickets at a price of more than $155 each to the dinner, which will give the funds to the children's onco-hematological center at the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital N1. The organizers said that the French actress will be in attendance for the dinner, E1.ru reports.

"We hope that our VIP (will promote) enough interest to this dinner," Elena Selkova, the manager of Paparazzi, said, according to E1.ru.

The charity project is called "Beauty and the Strength of the Opera" and includes participants such as Deneuve and French tenor Roberto Alagna. The project consists of multiple events including a benefit concert.

Catherine Deneuve is a world-renowned French actress known for embodying elegance and charm. Deneuve was born in Paris in October 1943 and made her movie debut in 1957. She has won multiple César Awards for best actress and received her first Academy Award nomination in 1993.