Monday, July 16, 2018

Vodokanal-NT may be fined for contaminating River Vyya

Vodokanal-NT and its deputy director may be fined for the contamination of the River Vyya.

The deputy director could be fined $93 to $124 and the company could be fined between $930 and $1,240 for dumping wastewater within the protected river area, Ural Business Consulting reports.

Vodokanal-NT offers sewage network management services and works with such companies as KDV Nizhniy Tagil, Nizhniy Tagil Cold Storage Facility 1, Nizhiy Tagil Refrigerator and Interatlantik-NTRK.

Interatlantik-NTRK is alleged to have contaminated the area because the soil around the sewage well and the walls of the well were covered in white greasy residue and waste water smelled of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which is typical of consumer waste water. The water also had an off-white, muddy hue, Ural Business Consulting reports.