Saturday, June 23, 2018

RUSAL says strike is illegal

RUSAL recently called a strike by 14 miners at its Krasnaya Shapochka mine illegal.

"The actions by this group of people are absolutely illegal, because the coal mine is a hazardous facility and staying there without special outfit is categorically prohibited. In addition, this action is illegal because the law commits the employees to warn the employer about any strike in advance and coordinate its holding, but none of this has been done," RUSAL spokesman in the Urals Federal District Roman Lukichev said, according to Itar-Tass. "No official demands from the company's trade unions have been announced. The company is ready to negotiate with members of the independent trade union which participates in this action."

Krasnaya Shapochka employees began a strike on September 3, demanding higher wages and better working conditions. The workers refused to come to the surface from an 860-meter deep horizon at the end of their shift. Prosecutors demanded that the company give meals and medical aid to the 14 workers on strike at the Sverdlovsk region mine.