Thursday, July 19, 2018

Suspects arrested for involvement in vandalism of Yeltsin monument

Several suspects have been detained over suspicion of their involvement in the recent vandalism against a monument to Boris Yeltsin in Yekaterinburg.

The 10 meter high monument was paint-bombed and the clean-up has proven to be difficult, RT reports.

The arrests were reported by local newspaper Vecherniye Vedomosti and the names, ages or motives of the suspects were not given. The newspaper said that the suspects were questioned for 24 hours.

Vandalism is an administrative offense and can result in three months of prison time.

The arrests came soon after it was announced by local authorities that they would not allocate more resources to the clean-up of the monument, leaving the Yeltsin Center responsible for the restoration, RT reports.

Unidentified vandals threw paint and smashed the lettering on the monument on August 24. The monuments designer said that the incident must have been pre-planned because covering a 10 meter high structure in paint would require special equipment.

Officials from the local Yeltsin Center were upset over the incident, though local communists expressed support, with one representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation saying that he sympathized with the vandals and would even help pay for a lawyer if the vandals were brought to trial, according to RT.

The monument was unveiled in Yekaterinburg in 2011, three years after Yeltsin's death.