Saturday, June 23, 2018

Defoliation hits Yekaterinburg early

A heat wave in the middle Urals has resulted in Yekaterinburg's trees losing their leaves several weeks earlier than normal, according to a lead researcher at the Institute of Dendochronology.

Stepan Shiyatova said that the heat wave caused the cycles of leaf growth and flowering to start earlier in the year and to end much earlier, JustMedia reports.

"There has not been frost, and the leaves of the trees, especially in the line of Yekaterinburg already departed," Shiyatova said, according to JustMedia.

Valery Mazepa, the head of the dendochronology lab, said that the opposite issue occurred in the Polar Urals this year. Defoliation was delayed and the trees are still green later than usual.

"Freezing in these places usually occur early, (but not this year)," Mazepa said, according to JustMedia. "Surprisingly, the larch (trees in) the Polar Urals are green - in contrast to our already turned yellow birch deciduous."

While some might label the early and late defoliation as a folk omen, the scientists said that such omens only come true approximately 50 percent of the time. Trees are not actually able to detect the weather of the next season, as they can only show the weather of the previous year in how they grew and developed. The forecast for the winter is a mild one.