Friday, July 20, 2018

Artists in Yekaterinburg paint train station

Artists painted the western wall station of the Sverdlovsk train station on Wednesday in an effort to decrease vandalism and show artists the city is willing to cooperate with art.

The painting consists of a young dreamer in his room looking up at a model train. The dreamer dreams of a long journey through a beautiful night sky, grass-covered slopes and a mountain lake. The Yekaterinburg OA graffiti team painted the mural, reports.

"Why do young people spoil our buildings?" Elena Radchenko, the head of corporate communications for the Sverdlovsk press service, said, according to "Most often, the feeling of lack of demand. In this project, we want to give them the feeling that their work is, if it really works, I accept. For those who want to draw, there is a place, a space. We are absolutely ready to cooperate. We hope young people will understand that it is better to beautify the city by working together. The contest brought some sketches, we have selected the best. We really liked the theme, the idea of composition."

Konstantin Rakhmanov, the head of the organizing committee of the graffiti project, said the team previously painted a railroad car in 2010, again as a lesson to people who use graffiti to damage art instead of create it.

"The essence of the action - to attract young people to ensure that they do not spoil the historic buildings," Rakhmanov said, according to "To have crossed the stage of vandalism. The project we prepared and agreed with the railways. Worked all day yesterday, and began the night. Only on this picture are three persons, we spent about a hundred cans of spray paint."