Saturday, June 23, 2018

Blogger's accomplice charged with murder in Yekaterinburg

An accomplice of Russian blogger Vasily Fyodorovich has been charged with murder in the city of Yekaterinburg, according to the Russian Investigation Committee.

The accomplice, who goes by the name of Roman, lives in Yekaterinburg and is charged with committing three murders. One of the murders was committed in March when Armenian George Yakubian was robbed, killed and burned, reports.

Roman and four followers allegedly took Yakubian, who had American and Syrian citizenships, to an abandoned location before committing the crime.

Yakubian's body was found in an abandoned garage in Yekaterinburg. His throat was slit and a partially burned American passport was sitting next to him. The man's bank card was missing and a large amount of money was later withdrawn using the card, according to

The crime received major coverage when well-known blogger Vasily Fyodorovich was announced as a member of the gang in July. On August 16, the Investigation Committee announced that Fyodorovich was charged with Yakubian's murder in addition to two other crimes.

After his arrest, investigators found nearly 100 weapons in Fyodorovich's apartment, along with books and documents with extremist content. Fyodorovich had licenses for all of the weapons. He is thought to have been directly involved in 41 different murders, reports.