Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ex-policemen receive sentences for bribery

Two ex-police officers in Chelyabinsk were handed sentences on Tuesday after being convicted of taking bribes.

Vladimir Moskvin and Mikhail Popov allegedly protected a gambling business while on duty and received a bribe of more than $368,211 from a businessman. Moskvin received a sentence of 10 years and Popov received an eight year and nine month sentence in a strict regime colony, Itar-Tass reports.

The court found the men guilty of abuse of office and taking a bribe.

Police in Yekaterinburg also detained several suspects in a recent vandalism incident in which the Boris Yeltsin memorial was paint bombed. The names, ages or motives of the suspects were not revealed as the individuals were detained for questioning for approximately 24 hours, Vecherniy Vedomosti reports.

The incident occurred on August 24 when the unidentified vandals threw paint on the monument and smashed its lettering. While officials from the local Yeltsin Center expressed indignation because of the incident, the local Communist Party branch sympathized with the vandals. The representative said the party was prepared to pay for a lawyer to defend the vandals if they are put on trial, reports.

A KRPF representative said that by leaving the monument in its current position, it would require city authorities to set aside a budget to regularly clean it. The monument was unveiled in the city in 2011.