Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Aircraft commander joins hunt for An-2

An aircraft commander who was in Serov on the lookout for forest fires is joining the hunt for the An-2 aircraft that went missing in June.

Shamil Ismagilov was invited to join the search for the aircraft that had 13 people on board at the time it went missing. During an interview, Ismagilov said just how difficult a search in the forest terrain could be, European-Asian News reports.

"The area in which there is a search, such that it is difficult to search," Shamil Ismagilov said, according to European-Asian News. "The aircraft can be seen only if fly over it, but otherwise - it is unlikely. In this area I have not had to look for. The terrain is such that nothing can be seen because of the greenery. Maybe in September or October we will know the truth. If you do not know exactly where to look - very hard. Direction clearly was not (agreed upon). Everyone saw the plane go in different directions. It is difficult to find the plane. If (a) 'candle' fell between the trees - it would never (be seen). Even when directly above the span."

Ismagilov is willing to turn to whatever means necessary, including a clairvoyant from Kazan, to find out where the plane ended up.

"I really want to solve the mystery of the An-2," Ismagilov said, according to European-Asian News. "So we can say that all that is possible to find, we did."