Saturday, July 21, 2018

Apartments being built on lots set aside for individual housing

Several large cities, including Yekaterinburg, are dealing with the problem of construction of apartment buildings on lands set aside for individual housing developments.

The phenomenon has resulted in a growing army of defrauded investors. Mkkhail Volkov, of the deputy department of architecture, urban planning and regulation of land relations in Yekaterinburg, recognized the issue, noting 46 such homes in Yekaterinburg, reports.

The problem is a result of the so-called dacha amnesty law authorizing the state regulation of individual housing without the procedure of entry into service. Through the law, unscrupulous developers who have received permission to build individual houses can instead build apartment buildings.

The owner of the apartment buildings can claim the apartment is an individual mansion and that renters are simply paying for a fraction of the total property, according to

Building apartments on the lots has resulted in several issues because the areas are not designed for high power consumption. Additionally, raking drains are overcrowded, threatening pubic health and hygiene.

Residents of the neighborhood are also disturbed - they expected to live in a suburb, free from apartment buildings.

Volkov warned that people are at risk when they acquire this kind of housing. Dmitry Niskovskih of the regional building department is preparing proposals to help cover the existing gap in the law, reports.