Saturday, June 23, 2018

Unfinished TV tower could be used for Expo-2020

The Ministry for the Administration of State Property in the Sverdlovsk region announced this week that it will temporarily give use of the unfinished Yekaterinburg TV tower for housing development or infrastructure.

The tower, which was designed in the mid-1970s, was originally meant to transmit radio and television waves. Construction began in 1983 and was scheduled to be completed by the end of 1984, IPI reports.

"If everything was done on time, Yekaterinburg, and then - Sverdlovsk, would have a unique structure," Yuri Novikov, the chairman of the Sverdlovsk executive committee, said, according to IPI. "The idea of building was wonderful. We were waiting for the erection of the tower. And initially it was a very well-funded, however, before rebuilding its volume and rate began to decrease. We even had to turn to the management of industrial enterprises to help us with the money to build. And in 1985, the funding...stopped completely "

As Yekaterinburg continues to make its case for hosting the international Expo-2020, Alexi Pyankova, the head of MUGISO, said that the tower could be used to promote the ideas of the world exhibition. Using the tower for housing or infrastructure could serve that purpose.

"Therefore, the future use of the facility, its concept should be linked to these requirements," Pyankova said, according to IPI. "That is, the purpose of the tower can not only change the urban landscape, but also the solution of problems of the city."

The building is currently undergoing inspection to ensure that altering the tower would not put citizens in danger.

"The original intent of the tower has lost its relevance, and for use in digital technologies, it is of little interest," Pyankova said, according to IPI. "There are many offers of practical settings. In any case, we will hold a design competition and public discussion of the issue of the tower."