Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sverdlovsk region identifies 63 rubber apartments

Olga Petrova, the deputy head of Russia's Federal Migration Service for the Sverdlovsk region, said on Wednesday that the region has identified 63 so-called rubber apartments that contain more than 3,000 people between them.

The apartments fail to meet the rules of registration of residence and do not meet restrictions on housing and health standards that regulate the number of square meters per person. The owners of the apartments register huge number of people, in some cases giving each person only 10 centimeters of housing space each, reports.

Lawmakers will attempt to counteract the rubber apartments by making changes to the rules of registration of residence in the Housing Code.

"The Housing Code, according to the bill will be introduced regulations on the number of square feet per person," Petrova said, according to "And if they are not met, we will not record the man. To spouses, parents and minor children, this rule will not be distributed."

Petrova said the penalties for forging registration documents will be increased. A violation for forged documents could result in a fine of approximately $2,524.46 or an arrest for three months.

Petrova made the remarks during a press conference held to discuss the housing situation at the rubber apartments.