Friday, June 22, 2018

Investigation committee will not reopen criminal case of Nicholas II's death

The Russian Investigation Committee will not be reopening the criminal case on the killing of Nicholas II.

The committee does not see any reason to resume the investigation at this time, Russkiy Mir Foundation reports.

"There will probably be no initiatives from us to resume the criminal case. If the church files a request, we will decide what to do," Vladimir Solovyov, the senior investigator with the Main Criminalistics Department of the Investigations Committee who investigated the case involving the killing of the tsar's family, said, Russkiy Mir Foundation reports. "We don't know for sure yet what has been found in Brussels. We have no position that a criminal case will not be opened. Everything depends on what has been found. However, it's no longer 1992, when he did not have ay evidence. Now that a lot of tests have been performed another proof of that the remains are those of the tsar's family are unlikely to give us anything new.

"We have no doubt that the remains are those of the tsar's family. As to the materials found in Brussels, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia have not asked the Investigations Committee to perform additional studies. Such studies can be performed without opening a criminal case".

Representative of the Romanov family say the Brussels materials are likely to yield evidence on the authenticity of the remains. An investigation in January 2011 found the remains to be those of the royal family, though the Russian Orthodox Church and the Romanov family have not yet recognized the remains as being those of the tsar's family.

The Romanov family said it will accept the position of the Russian Orthodox Church. The church says it may reconsider its stance on the remains.