Thursday, June 21, 2018

Akado expands to Yekaterinburg

Akado, a Russian cable operator, will expand its digital services to the city of Yekaterinburg on September 1.

The Renova-backed company already provides DTT and digital cable services in Minsk and Moscow. The operator plans to extend its services to St. Petersburg in 2013, Broadband TV News reports.

A spokesperson for Akado said that the company is already operating a test service in Yekaterinburg with 60 standard definition and two high definition channels. The package would be changed to a basic 50-channel package and five themed packages after the full launch, according to Broadband TV News.

Akado announced the Yekaterinburg launch in July and said that it planned to spend approximately $2.11 million for capital in the Sverdlovsk city, Tass-Telecom reports.

Akado was established in March 2006 and provides telecommunications services such as telephone, high speed internet and television using modern fiber-optic cable technology. Renova shareholders decided to create the company to consolidate existing telecommunication assets.

Main Akado assets include internet service operators and providers of cable television in St. Petersburg, Minsk and Yekaterinburg; JSC Corps Commander, an operator of Moscow's fiber optic network; and Academ-capital, the leading operator of digital telephone, broadband internet and cable television services in Moscow.