Wednesday, September 19, 2018

British flag stolen in Yekaterinburg

The British flag was stolen from the English quarter of Yekaterinburg over the weekend during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London.

The flag was taken from outside Talisman, the English language center in Sheinkman. The people who took the flag likely engaged in planning beforehand, the Euro-Asian News reports.

The shaft of the flag pole was five meters high and the thieves sawed the base in such a way as to comfortably snag the flag and take it with them.

Representatives of the Talisman said that the crime was meant to anger Olympic fans because it coincided with the London closing ceremonies.

During the first week of the Olympics, Yekaterinburg citizens and other Russians made Olympic-related searches the most frequent online topic searched, according to Yandex specialists, reports.

The top searches of the week related to the results of the Olympics, the medal standings of the Olympics and the broadcast schedules of the Olympics. Searches related to the Olympics were above any other topics searched. Other searches by local web users included an attempt to find more information about Urfa and Sync Yekaterinburg, two local schools, and the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, according to