Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ural Federal University starts masters program in blogging and political journalism

Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg is now offering a masters degree in political journalism with an emphasis on blogging and image making training for the first time.

The school hosted blogger and journalist Oleg Kashin in February 2011 to discuss the growing importance of blogging with students, Global Voices Online reports.

The program will last two years and will cost $5,000 for students. There will be five subsidized spaces made available for students.

Kashin wrote for various media before turning to blogging, including Big City, Russian Magazine, Limonka, Izvestia, Your Day, Re:action, Vzyglyad, Expert and Globalrus. He was assaulted multiple times while following his journalist duties. His political activism career began with several controversial articles published in October 2006, Sreda.org reports.

He made major headlines when he was attacked near his Moscow home on November 6, 2010, by unknown men in what was thought to be an attempted murder for his journalism, Lenta.ru reports.

Ural Federal University is a public, government-owned university that was established in 1920. The institution carries out research in economics, the humanities, social sciences and technology. More than 120 bachelors degree programs and more then 80 masters degree programs are offered at the school. The number of students at the university is more than 50,000 at any given time.