Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hunters report strange phenomenon in Ural forest

A phenomenon causing clay to melt and stone to turn to sand is causing hunters in the Middle Urals to seek answers.

Initially thought to be the wreckage of the An-2 aircraft that went missing in June, the anomaly in the forest is putting out a significant glow that cannot be put out even by heavy rainfall. Large trees near the site fell down as if an explosion occurred, though there seemed to be no origin point for such an incident, New Region reports.

The site is marked by small craters with rocks burning from an unknown source.

"It is noteworthy that the tops of the trees remained untouched by the flames," a representative of the local news agency, said, according to New Region. "On the ground - the ashes of unknown origin, of a red color, but underneath it is still worth the incredible heat, which literally melts the boots."

The area smells of creosote and contains burned out black material that looks similar to a burned car interior.

Residents in the area are putting forth ideas to explain the strange anomaly, including a meteorite shower, falling satellite or a staged space rocket launch. Others think that the site may be the result of strong chemical waste, according to New Region.