Monday, July 23, 2018

Dumped fetuses came from research academy

buy cheap soft viagraght size-full wp-image-2210" />The 250 human fetuses found in a forest ravine last month were sent from a Yekaterinburg hospital to the medical research facility from which they were discarded, a new report has revealed.

The specific details as to who dumped the fetuses are unclear, but investigators say they were delivered form Yekaterinburg Children's Hospital No. 9 to the Ural State Medical Academy. The fist-sized fetuses were miscarried and not aborted and were used for research into "possible causes of failed pregnancies," according to a statement from Sverdlovsk region prosecutors, The Moscow Times reports.

The fetuses were stored in formaldehyde solution in four plastic barrels, RIA Novosti reports. The barrels could have been taken out by garbage collectors and simply littered.

A former PhD student doing research on fetuses for her dissertation before being expelled from the academy is also being investigated in the discarding of the fetuses, according to The Moscow Times.

The Health and Social Development Ministry is already working on a new bill on biological materials that would introduce strict regulation on storage and transportation.

The fetuses, all at developmental stages between 22 and 26 weeks old, were first discovered in July by mushroom pickers from the village of Anik.