Monday, June 18, 2018

Fan sculpture set up in Yekaterinburg

Sculptors erected a giant fan sculpture in the city of Yekaterinburg this week as a monument to the extremely hot summer the country is experiencing.

The sculpture was handcrafted by artists using a large amount of concrete and steel. The monument's creators affixed a plate to the pedestal of the sculpture to detail strange facts related to the weather from the abnormally hot last two months, reports.

Twenty-two days passed in July without a single drop of rain. The monthly average temperatures in both June and July were higher than some of the world's most popular resorts in Barcelona, Antalya or Pattaya.

The temperature has been felt throughout the region, with temperatures rising throughout Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and Russia.

In villages like Belciugatele, an agricultural community east of Bucharest in Romania, sunflowers, corn and other crops have wilted as a result of the weather.

"Earlier crops like wheat and barley are okay," Mihai Gurlui, the village mayor, said, according to FT. "But later crops will suffer. We could lose 50 percent."

The effects of the heat wave can be found from eastern Italy, across the Black Sea and the Balkans, and into Kazakhstan and Russia as far as western Siberia, FT reports.