Monday, July 16, 2018

Yekaterinburg residents show great Olympic interest online

Residents of Yekaterinburg showed major interest in the Olympics last week according to search results analyzed by specialists at Yandex.

The main theme of the searches by Yekaterinburg citizens and residents of other cities was centered on the Olympics, with search results for the subject soaring above all other topics, Mir66 reports.

The subjects searched were connected to information about the results of the Olympics, the medal standings of the Olympics and broadcast schedules for the London Games.

Local subjects searched in Yekaterinburg other than the Olympics varied from day to day. On July 31, Yekaterinburg citizens and Russians in general searched frequently about information related to the birthday of Edith Piekha, a popular Russian actress and singer. On August 2, Yekaterinburg residents and other Russians searched for ways to congratulate Marines on the day of the airborne troops, according to Mir66.

On July 30, Yekaterinburg differed from the nation at large by searching for sites related to Ural universities. Searches included the official website of Urfa, the ratings of applicants at Urfa and the official website of Sync Yekaterinburg. On August 1, Yekaterinburg residents were more interested in the newest version of web browser Google Chrome than the rest of the country. Searches included Google Chrome and where to download Google Chrome.