Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk region looking to create cost-effective kindergartens

The Sverdlovsk regional government is exploring the cost of constructing kindergartens in Yekaterinburg and other cities in the region.

The government is looking to speed up the construction of kindergartens in order to accommodate more students. The issue is an urgent one as the cost of constructing facilities is high and takes away from funding that can be spent on students. The government is looking for design organizations that can create quality projects at an economically reasonable price, reports.

Solutions have been found in the Novosibirskgrazhdanproekt area, which has completed projects on 134 kindergartens. The projects were completed with the use of local building materials and are all up to code in terms of sanitation and fire safety, while still being built at a reasonable price.

Representatives from Novosibirsk considered the option of a "growing" nursery school, in which the main unit is designed for 40 seats, but can be modified to fit 260, according to

This month several cities will be holding competitions on the building of new cost-effective kindergartens. Citizens are encouraged to participate in order to show how their effective solutions will help the Sverdlovsk region and eliminate the queue for spots in kindergarten classrooms, reports.