Monday, June 18, 2018

Yekaterinburg summer camp skimped on nutrition for children

A summer health camp organized at the secondary educational school number 134 has been fined for serving children less than the minimum amount of food.

The Yekaterinburg prosecutor's office investigated the nutritional status of the camp revealing multiple violations of nutritional and sanitary norms, Mir66 reports.

The violations included serving much less food than was recommended for children at various ages. The investigation found food portions served for kids to be at 82 grams and 136 grams, when the recommended portions for children seven to 10 years of age is between 150 and 200 grams and children 11 years and older is between 180 and 230 grams.

The prosecutors filed for legal action against the administrative director of the school's food mill. The school was fined approximately $634.74 and the director was fined $63.47, Mir66 reports.

Sverdlovsk officials called for the Ministry of Education to fix summer camps that were in a state of disrepair in July. They cited a camp called The Seagull as a model camp in top working order. The Seagull includes large televisions, flower beds, carpets, large dormitory halls, swings, benches, soccer fields and volleyball courts, reports.

The officials said at the time that some of the camps are plagued by poor nutrition in the cafeterias, including a failure to follow proper health codes.