Monday, November 12, 2018

Yekaterinburg forests overrun by hedgehogs

Nature lovers in Yekaterinburg who frequent local forests have reported an abundance of wildlife, including a nearby forest that has been flooded with hedgehogs.

Veterinarians, however, have warned residents to keep their distance from the prickly creatures, New Region reports.

"Recently, in the forest (I) saw several hedgehogs, they're so cool!" Anna Savintsova, a Yekaterinburg resident, said, according to New Region. "One, apparently, did not manage to escape, and (it's now a) 'close acquaintance.' They really are very prickly, but funny."

Local veterinarians said that hedgehogs may cause serious illness as a result of the ticks the collect in their needles, which can be dangerous to humans. For this reason, the experts suggest leaving hedgehogs in the woods to avoid tick bites. The vets recommend viewing hedgehogs from afar and never picking them up.

Other animals have also been found to be increasing in numbers, including woodpeckers in the woods outside the Yekaterinburg suburbs.

"Recently in the woods a lot of woodpeckers has been caught," Alexei Ivanchenko, another local resident, said, according to New Region. "In terms of birds. Even the noise is about how they knock on wood. But they are very shy - try to come up, hide. I wanted to take a picture."