Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Donations requested to save life of a Yekaterinburg 10-year-old

The mother of a 10-year-old in Yekaterinburg is asking for help to pay for the cancer radiation treatment of her son.

Tatiana White has taken her son George to the ProCure Center in Chicago in an effort to save his life. The procedure for proton radiation therapy will cost approximately $127,000. White has requested help to make the procedure possible, E1.ru reports.

"My name is Tatiana White," White said, according to E1.ru. "I (am the) mother (of) a wonderful boy, George White. (He is my) only beloved child. Please help me save him!"

At the age of five, George White came down with a difficult case of chickenpox. Upon further examination, it was determined that the boy had a large tumor pressing against his optic nerve. After emergency surgery, the tumor was removed but it continued to grow back.

The boy underwent 40 rounds of chemotherapy in the past three years to try to inhibit the growth of the tumor. Further chemotherapy proved ineffective and the only way to stop the cancer from growing and spreading is to undergo proton radiation, E1.ru reports.

The $127,000 will cover a screening, the irradiation procedure, a hospital stay, transportation, translation services and consumer spending. The money must be collected by August 10. Payments are being collected at Sberbank Russia's Yekaterinburg Southern branch number 7004.