Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cashiers refusing to accept e-ticket for Russian Railways

Multiple incidents have occurred at Yekaterinburg train stations in which cashiers have refused to accept electronic tickets purchased on the Russian Railways website.

In one such incident, which occurred on Wednesday night, one consumer was unable to redeem her online purchase for a ticket, Interfax reports.

"I specifically came to the station early, though (I) paid for a ticket on the site, as on my train was not on-line registration and the ticket still had to get to the checkout station," Natalie Polikarpov, a railway consumer, said, according to Interfax. "This is, in fact, a printout from the website was written, I said. Earlier (there were) no problems, and now, apparently, everything changed. Not only do I (at) two in the morning (have to stand) in line to the cashier...the cashier refused to issue me a ticket, citing the fact that I can do this in the terminal. But... when you make a mistake....the failure of the terminal or something else, and the ticket does not (get issued) and (shortly) before the train (is to leave). Then I went back to the cashier and asked yet again to give me a ticket, but she again refused, citing the fact that she is very busy and she will soon (go on a) break. "

The Russian Railways website claims that any person purchasing a ticket online has the right to get a ticket at the box office or the terminal, at the passenger's discretion.

There have also been other reports of poor service at the station involving cashiers expressing an unwillingness to help customers.