Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Nicholas II and family murdered on orders from US, scholar says

According to a Russian historian, the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, was assassinated on orders from U.S. tycoons.

Pyotr Multatuli said that while Bolshevik leadership in Moscow did initiate plans to murder Nicholas II in 1918, a U.S. mission was the reason behind the decision to murder the tsar's close family, according to the Moscow Times.

Multatuli references secret conversations in an Argumenty i Fakty report between the head of the Bolshevik Central Executive Committee and one of the executioners as proof that a U.S. financial-industrial organization told Russian officials of "the necessity of killing the whole family," the Moscow Times reports.

The order was sent to Moscow via a U.S. organization stationed in Vologda, according to Multatuli. He also said that the organization's members saw the complete destruction of tsarist Russia as essential to fulfilling their plans to create a unipolar world with the United States as the sole power.