Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg budgets $30k to fight graffiti

The administration of Yekaterinburg has approved approximately $30,900 for the chemical cleaning of stone surfaces that have been defaced by graffiti.

ISU Urban Improvement will chemically clean approximately 1,593.2 square meters of Yekaterinburg. In particular, the pedestrian crossings of ZIK Malyshev, Cosmonauts and Weiner, Sverdlov-Melkovskoy, Karl Liebknecht, Bebel-Tavtuyskoy and URTSUP-on-Chelyuskintsev will be cleaned, the Euro-Asian News reports.

Other areas that will be cleaned include the Square Theatre Square, the Dynamo waterfront stadium, the bank of the Bitter, the pedestal of the monument to the city's founders and de Tatishchev Gennin.

The city plans to complete the project by August 17.

The announcement by the government comes less than a week after the Make the Officials Work project used artwork to highlight the many potholes found in the city. Artists used caricatures of city officials to bring attention to the poor condition of the roads.

The campaign was successful and within 24 hours, work crews began to remove the artwork and fill the potholes.