Thursday, September 20, 2018

Koltsovo airport opens new cargo terminal

The Koltsovo Airport has opened a new 19,000-square-meter cargo services terminal with a planned expansion to 197,000 square meters by 2030.

Prior to the expansion, the terminal will test its capabilities of 28,000 metric tons worth of cargo. By 2030, the volume of cargo is expected to grow at the airport to 79,400 metric tons, reports.

Eugene Chudnovsky, the director general of the airport, said that constant growth in freight traffic in 2010 forced terminal management and the main investor, the Renova Group, to speed up the implementation of the new freight transport and logistics center.

"(The) cargo terminal will operate as a center for fast transaction processing, where storage is minimized and the processing speed increased to the maximum," Alex Piskunov, the airport deputy director general, said, according to "The new space was necessary in the new workplace."

The development of the Koltsovo Airport continues to add to the attractiveness of the Sverdlovsk region and may act as an additional explanation as to why the international Expo-2020 should be held in Yekaterinburg.

The airport will continue to grow in the near future. In October, the station square of the building will be reconstructed as it no longer meets modern requirements. In addition, there will be a modern automated sorting center for mailing built near the cargo terminal in the next few years.