Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Human embryos found in discarded containers in Urals forest

Human embryos were discovered in a container found in a forest in Sverdlovsk Region near the Nizhny Tagil-Yekaterinburg highway.

"There were some 50 embryos processed with formaldehyde in four 50 liter plastic containers," Valery Gorelykh, the head police spokesman in the Sverdlovsk Region, said, Interfax reports. "Tags with names and figures were attached to the embryos - apparently the numbers of the hospital wards."

The spokesman said that the containers were discovered on Sunday evening and that a team of investigators, operatives, crime experts and representatives of the Investigation Committee drove to the scene.

The containers' origin has not been detected as of yet. It is believed that they lost their lids as they were thrown into a ditch. The chief of regional police, Mikhaeil Borodin, has ordered an inspection of all nearby medical institutions, Interfax reports.