Thursday, September 20, 2018

More than 110 Yekaterinburg yards will be repaired this summer

City authorities in Yekaterinburg have announced that more than 110 yards will be repaired this summer as part of an integrated landscaping program.

Sixty-five sites are already being worked on. Renovation plans include the installation of slides and swings for children, reports.

Alex Kozhemyako, Yekaterinburg's deputy chief of staff on housing and communal services, spoke about the program on Friday. In one such yard, a playground will be constructed that will have small architectural forms, a playing complex and playing equipment for children with disabilities, he said. Other work will include sanitary pruning and driveway repair.

Some courtyards were previously renovated in 2011 with repaired asphalt driveways.

Kozhemyako said that the city is saving money on the project by auctioning select contractors to work with the city authorities. Kozhemyako said that the project would likely be completed by September 15.