Saturday, September 22, 2018

Restaurant to pay $3,000 for refusing service to disabled customer

A Yekaterinburg court has found in favor of Alexander Mokin, a wheelchair user who was refused service at a Yekaterinburg restaurant because employees thought his appearance would make other diners feel uncomfortable.

Mokin was attempting to celebrate his 28th birthday at the Gallery restaurant with his friends. He called several hours before to reserve a table and said that he would be in a wheelchair. Upon trying to enter the restaurant, security guards and the manager denied his entrance, reports.

Mokin was denied access to the restaurant's registration documents and complaint book. He sent an email to the governor's office and the matter was picked up by human rights activists. The restaurant's chief manager called Mokin and promised to sort things out.

"When it became clear that the promises to settle the matter and apologize were empty, we waited three weeks, prepared our lawsuit and took the matter to court," Anna Demenova, a human rights activist and Mokin's attorney, said, according to

The judgment came on Tuesday, three months after the incident at the downtown Yekaterinburg restaurant.

"The management behaved arrogantly and improperly, making him wait around for a whole hour," Demenova said, according to

Mokin endured a serious injury two years ago after diving into a river and hitting the bottom.