Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Neyva Bank launches prepaid Visa card

Russia's Neyva Bank launched a new virtual prepaid Visa card for the bank's ATM networks this week.

The product is built on TranzAxis, a recently launched open application development platform from Compass Plus, according to Virtual-Strategy.com.

The card is completely automated and issued online. Customers can choose between different currencies on the card and can receive transaction notifications via SMS. They can also create a personal profile that lets them manage transactions, statements and payments online and from their mobile phones.

The new card also has security measures to help prevent against Card Not Present fraud. Customers can set limits on transactions and spending allowance. After usage, limits can be brought down to zero, so that cardholders will not suffer financial loss if the card is compromised.

Neyva Bank expects the cards to become a convenient tool to be used at any Neyva Bank ATM. Customers can put money on the card at any Neyva Bank ATM location in cash or by transferring it from another Visa card. Cardholders do not need to open an account at the bank or provide personal details in order to receive the card, Virtual-Strategy.com reports.

NEYVA Bank is a young dynamically developing bank in the Ural Region of Russia. It was established in 2009 and currently is in the top 10 banks in the region.