Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fisherman finds mammoth bones

A fisherman from the Arcy village in the Chelyabinsk region claims to have found the bones of a mammoth while fishing in the river.

Alexander Potapov, a 45-year-old villager, said that the discovery was unlike any normal livestock bones he ever came upon. Potapov gave the bones, including a tusk, to bone specialists for examination, reports.

"It is not surprising that the bones were found on the river bank," Vladimir Jurin, a paleontologist with Life News, said, according to "When the mammoth came to drink, they often become victims of predators, or sank into the soft bottom. It died, as a rule, either the old or...the youngest individuals."

If the specialists confirm the authenticity of the find, excavations will continue in the area in an attempt to find the entire skeleton.

In August, Ural fisherman found a mammoth skull in excellently preserved condition. Paleontologists confirmed that the discovery was from approximately 40,000 years ago. The skull's tusk diameter showed that the specimen was a mature mammoth male that was approximately 40 years in age.

In 2007, a Siberian reindeer herder found the remains of a six-month-old baby mammoth perfectly preserved in the ice. The mammoth, nicknamed Lyuba, was a complete specimen except for the tail, which was lost when cutting the body from the ice.