Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Youth of the Sverdlovsk region make trip on Health Train

A crew of 600 children from different municipalities in the Sverdlovsk region have begun the second annual Health Train ride to take them on a three week vacation in Anapa.

The regional program is meant to ensure that boys and girls with health problems in the Sverdlovsk region have the ability to get proper rest and treatment by the coast of the Black Sea. The municipalities pay most of the way for the children themselves, reports.

The municipalities pay approximately $702.45, while parents pay for travel and food costs, which come out to approximately $167.98. Any other expenses are pulled from the regional budget.

The train will take three different trips to the Black Sea carrying 600 children apiece each time.

While some parents are concerned about the flooding of several areas in the Krasnodar region, Anatoly Sukhov, the deputy chairman of the legislative assembly of the Sverdlovsk region, assured them that the fears are without grounds. Sukhov originally conceived of the Health Train program, reports.

Multiple government officials were on hand for the first ride. After the children were placed on the train, officials with the program released hundreds of balloons into the sky.