Saturday, February 24, 2018

Medical market turnover in Yekaterinburg increases 18.4 percent

Yekaterinburg's medical market turnover increased 18.4 percent in 2011, increasing to $439.2 million, according to statistics compiled by Business Stat.

The market increased partly as a result of the growing obligatory medical insurance fund budget revenues, which is the main sector of the medical market. In 2011, 47 percent of the spending related to the local medical service fell into the obligatory medical insurance category, RBC Market Research reports.

As far as physical volume is concerned, the obligatory medical insurance sector's services came to 82 percent of the market as a result of lower prices against private medical services. In 2011, an appointment made through the obligatory medical insurance system cost approximately $11.08 and the average market price was approximately $19.07. Obligatory medical insurance services are paid for by the state and are strictly controlled and described in great detail in the agreement related to rates.

A high cost for private medical services is mostly due to the large cost of sales at clinics. Clinics must purchase foreign medications and equipment, rent large buildings in convenient locations and pay high salaries to skilled employees. As a result, the salary for medical workers in clinics made a major increase between 2007 and 2011. In one instance, a medical worker's pay rate increased 54 percent during that period, growing an additional $7,104.46 per year, RBC Market Research reports.