Thursday, June 21, 2018

McFaul makes first visit to Yekaterinburg

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia will be in Yekaterinburg this week, marking his first official trip to the city.

During his time in Yekaterinburg, Michael McFaul will meet with local officials, Yekaterinburg residents, and attend sessions of the Innoprom conference. He will also visit two facilities in Verkhnaya Salda - the VSMPO-AVISMA corporation and the Ural Boeing Manufacturing facility, a joint Russian-American enterprise.

McFaul announced his upcoming attendance at Innoprom via Twitter recently, causing a bit of controversy. In the message, he abbreviated Yekaterinburg to "Ye-burg," a colloquial name for the city that carries an expletive connotation.

The ambassador explained that his message was in response to a follower's message that had originally used the abbreviation, which he had copied and pasted.

"The richness of the Russian language on Twitter continues to amaze me," McFaul said.

Innoprom is a large-scale international industrial exhibition held annually. The first exhibit was held in 2010. The mission of the exhibit "is to present advanced technologies developed in Russia which are ready to be used in industry, to facilitate the spreading of the best innovation practices and developing business connections between industrial enterprises and technology developers," according to the event's website.