Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Innoprom opens exhibits for children

On the last day of the third Ural International Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation, known as Innoprom 2012, the exhibition will open primarily for children.

The Children's Day program will include a show about incredible but explainable wonders, IPA reports.

"The organizers of the exhibition, planning events for children, are aiming to involve the younger generation to the world of innovation and entertaining science," Yekaterinburg's press service said, according to IPA.

During the program, children will see how a rainbow is created, the inside of a cloud, where lightning comes from, how to make rain and many other wonders of science.

"After the show the young innovators themselves can try to play a lot of what they see in the view," Yekaterinburg's press service said, according to IPA.

Innoprom, which will begin on Friday, will also have plenty of wonders for adults. One of the wonders will be a two-story glass cube that will act as a mobile government office. The office will tour Yekaterinburg during the exhibition to promote electronic government services in an effort to make e-government services more convenient, accessible and understandable to Yekaterinburg residents. At night, the glass walls will display three dimensional mapping shows.