Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sverdlovsk region aims to fix summer camps

Sverdlovsk region officials are calling on the Ministry of Education to find out which children's summer camps are unavailable due to disrepair and to put them in order for next summer.

Officials visited a country camp called The Seagull that acted as an example of a camp in top working order. The facility includes volleyball courts, soccer fields, benches, swings, large dormitory halls, carpets, flower beds and large televisions, reports.

"I understand that not all the camps in such a state as this," Eugene Kuyvashev, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, said, according to "And today, when the second shift, it's too late to change things dramatically. So let's think about what can be done by next year, so that each family had the opportunity to send their children to relax and best of all, the city. In our area more than a million children and adolescents. Summer camps visited by 323,000, and the countryside, only 42,000. That is not enough."

Some camps are marked not by disrepair but by poor nutrition in the cafeterias, a lack of employees following proper health codes and unsafe water conditions. Those issues are the ones that are meant to be tackled by the Sverdlovsk regional government between this summer and next.

The officials did not say how many additional camps will be opened next summer.